Morimoto X.BAR 30

$ 900.00

Enter the Morimoto X.BAR series of offroad LED lighting. They are here to change up the lighting game and are here to stay. The X.BAR series combines style with performance into one great package.

  • 18000 Lumens
  • Your choice of spot, flood, or combo beam pattern
  • 7 Different bezel color choices to choose from


The Morimoto X.BAR is undoubtedly a great lighting performer. This is right about the point where the similarities with the competition end. Utilizing 6061 aircraft aluminum for the pods, back plates, brackets, and ring bezels you can be confident that no corners were cut in the construction of these bars. One of the many obstacles that manufacturers face when building high performing LED lighting is the amount of heat that LED creates. This leads to bulky and unsightly heatsinks sticking out of the back of current gen LED bars. The X.BAR addresses this by creating deep, narrow fins in each of the pods which maximizes the surface area available for the heat to escape. 


The X.BAR 30 utilizes CREE XML LEDs as the light source combined with patented free form optics capable of hurtling every available lumen down range. 15 LEDs produce 18000 lumens while only consuming 150W of power. Most popular comarable bars use 60 LEDs to produce ~17000 lumens while consuming more than 195W of power. The contacts on the unit are gold plated and will never corrode. 


Quick Facts:

  • 18000 Lumens 
  • Compact design
  • Available in spot, flood, or combo beam pattern
  • Bezel rings available in silver, black, orange, blue, red, graphite, or gold
  • Engineered, constructed, and assembled in the USA
  • 5 Year Warranty 
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